Bossmoneymachines Terms and Conditions
  1. General and Ownership
    1. By registering an account you adhere to the following terms and policies.
    2. Bossmoneymachines is owned by Boss FXTrading and all rights are reserved to Boss FXTrading.
    3. These terms and conditions have been drawn by Bossmoneymachines and can only be used by this mentioned party for this system.
    4. All information displayed cannot be used for person or business use.
  2. Accounts and Usage
    1. Any account opened in the Bossmoneymachines system can only be used in this mentioned system only.
    2. No client information can be viewed or shared to any third parties.
    3. All individuals must check with their country, province or municipality regulatory to ensure this systems complies with their rules before attempting any usage.
    4. Account information should not be shared with anyone; Bossmoneymachines shall never request your account access information.
    5. Non-verified account members may be restricted to some services according to the system.
  3. Packages and Finances
    1. All packages displayed on Bossmoneymachines run only on the periods supplied on each package, no alterations can be made. For tailored plans you can contact Bossmoneymachines directly.
    2. Deposits can only be made through the suppplied payment portals and payment details, any other transaction is considered void.
    3. Payouts are only made to the supplied user account details. Bossmoneymachines shall not be held liable for transactions made to the wrong account in result of the user supplying the wrong payment details.
  4. Policies
    1. All policies can be changed or updated at any period in time.
  5. Investments
    1. All investments are made through the forex markets.
    2. No 100% guaranteed returns are promised. Bossmoneymachines cannot be held liable for any losses incurred in one's investments.